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A fav NY Times columnist says "bye": Judith Warner - midlifegal
A fav NY Times columnist says "bye": Judith Warner
Okay, so I am slow in catching up on all my reading, but I just read this reference in my overstuff incoming email. I confess that I have only read her on and off as time and opportunities would permit as I struggled with my little life things day in day out. Whenever I would read one of her columns, controversial or enlightening, it was always worth my personal interest.

But for now, for anyone who reads her:

Partial excerpt:

Judith Warner
On the politics of everyday life.
Goodbye to All This

At 22, I couldn’t begin to imagine a life that would involve a house and children, much less a husband. . . . The idea that I would one day write in The Times about the politics of everyday life was more unimaginable still. I am waxing nostalgic -- all Times-elegiac -- because today marks the last time I’ll be writing Domestic Disturbances. The online column -- this transposing of my life onto the Web -- is coming to an end.

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